• COMPLETE & ACCURATE: IML BP (Aneroid) High quality Aneroid Sphygmomanometer for accurate manual blood pressure monitoring. Including personal or professional use for proven, reliable readings (Accuracy of + or – 3mmHg)
  • QUALITY: High quality manufacturing and durable. Velcro cuff for easy and consistent use. Product is completely latex free, stain resistant, and comfortably fits on any arm. Available with large cuff.
  • USER FRIENDLY: Cuff fits from small to X-Large and is easily used with one hand. This Aneroid Sphygmomanometer can be used by professionals and amateurs to monitor blood pressure for living a healthier lifestyle
  • PORTABLE: Carry your manual BP monitor for constant monitoring with ease. Portable medical bag included. Lightweight design and built tough to ensure safe and accurate readings on the go
  • EFFECTIVE & TESTED: Don’t settle for cheap underperforming options. IML BP consists of accurate index and large range markings for clear and efficient readings. Easy deflation system made for comfortable monitoring.

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Brand: IML

Origin: China

Use: Home and Hospital