SCIAN Portable Nebulizer ( In stock )

৳ 4500 ৳ 3750

Brand : SCIAN

Origin: China

Warrenty : 2 Years

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  • Base energy consumption and efficient nebulization. Simple operation of the button and easy to use. Can be used with mouthpiece or mask.
  • Ultra-low noise, easy operation for home and office use. Suitable for all ages, especially for children and seniors.
  • 1-5 μm fine mist can penetrate deep into your respiratory system naturally.
  • The handheld, portable nebulizer is the ideal product for those who need nebulization on the go. The nebulizer can be used anywhere and anytime.


1. Take out the host and put on the liquid bottle.

2. Inject drugs and cover the cap.

3. Install the atomizer or the mouthpiece.

4.Press the button,indicator light display.

5. The liquid began to atomize.

6. Press the key again and then shutdown the liquid.

Package included:

1 x Host (Batteries are not included)

1 x bottle

1 x Mouth piece

1 x Protective cover of bottle

1 x Adult mask

1 x Child mask

1 x Cable